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I am a mum of a little girl and a passionate specialist in Art Education. As an Art Educator I have worked in depth with kids and adults and my art motto is that ART MAKES ME, US POWERFUL. By that I want to point out that art is a powerful tool that helps us express ourselves, enjoy ourselves and connect with others.

Working and researching for and with kids I realized how important are child-centered practices and methods. The adult must have the role of the gardener rather than the carpenter and by that I mean that as adults we must respect the ideas of the child by nurturing them rather than give them completely new ones(restrictions of how to use them). As adults we too have a lot of things to learn from the kids and even be inspired by them (I personally get inspired a lot from kids).

Artboom has a real interest in kids and my dream is to be able to foster creativity and give kids opportunities to play freely with process based practises where the final result is not specified or given. I consider play as the highest form of research as Einstein well said. Moreover I truly believe in engaging, playful methods where the child expresses his/her identity (who really is) and his/her époque (the time and place they live in)!

Artboom Kits are designed for everyone that is looking for quality and engaging art materials that are well organized and nicely grouped together. Moreover you can find ideas, hands-on practises to inspire your play via artboom blog or instagram.

Evgenia, artBOOM

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