Cake Bar

After having seen/eaten a lot of cakes lately, I thought that it would be funny and engaging to put together our own Cake Bar. Instead of sugar paste we used puffy paint! Puffy paint is a big hit in artboom house. It’s fluffy, soft, malleable and most importantly we really appreciate the final look on our creations… when it dries out. 

Supplies, you will need:

  • Puffy Paint (white glue + shaving cream, ratio 1:1 + food coloring)
  • Cake Bases, like styrofoam, sponges, cardboards (or anything sturdy material you have in hand)
  • Toppings (like pom poms, straws, colored-rice, pipe-cleaners, glitter etc.)
  • Scoops, Spatulas
  • A table…your Bar quoi?!

Set up the Bar, just by placing the supplies you collect in a way that will be interesting for kids to explore. Then, let your little ones come and do their magic. If a child doesn’t ‘see’ how to use or play with the materials given, you can always help by showing him/her possible ways to use the materials, but surely do not mention how his/her creation is supposed to look like. Remember, it’s important to give kids the freedom to choose how to express their ideas even if it is not the ones we think as appropriate, ‘beautiful’ or right! There is no right or wrong in creative expression!

End up by pretend play the cake bar/shop or whatever you name it.

Never forget to have fun

and smile,


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