Fun Summer Outdoor Painting

It’s that time of the year again where we play outside with tons of water and paint. I’m glad to share with you an outdoor activity which every single kid will love. Water balloons painting! Personally, I like how kids invent scenarios and give meaning to the idea of painting on 3 dimensional surfaces. Here’s how it works with little Myrsine.

Supplies, you will need:

– large bin

– tempera paints

– water balloons

– a bucket of water

– sponge

I prepared some bright colored tempera paints and placed them in jars. I filled the balloons with water and put them next to our painting table. Then I called little M to explore and play.

As I expected… She started painting. Firstly she chose to paint one by one on the balloons. Then she placed them in the bin next to the ‘’painting station’’. When done, she asked to give her balloons a bath because they were really dirty. Therefore, I thought of bringing her a bucket of water and a little sponge. She really enjoyed rinsing off the paint of her balloons. While she gently gave the balloons a bath some balloons popped. Hence she wanted to pop the rest of them as well. Finally, we ended up with a little water war on the veranda.

Note: It’s also fun to drop blobs of paints, here and there, in the sensory bin and roll the balloons through paint.

Enjoy every moment

and every big mess,


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