In the name of Love – Process based art ideas

 ‘I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people’

Vincent Van Gogh

I have to be honest with you people, Valentine’s Day was never, ever a day that meant something to me or a celebration that excited me. On the contrary I find meaningless all those bears and hearts everywhere (to be clear: speaking of commercialised objects for V day). I believe that we express our love to the people we care every single day with our words and acts.

Although I choose to see Valentine’s as a day to remember all those masters who honored Love through art and how their masterpieces offer aesthetic pleasure and awake all those love feelings! Love (Eros) is considered one of the greatest themes in Art History! From Paolo Veronese (Mars and Venus United by Love) to Antonio Canova (Psyche Revived) and from Gustave Klimt (The Kiss) to Robert Indiana (Love Sculpture) we have learnt what passion and love means! How geniously every artist, author, photographer, movie maker expresses and spells Love differently just amazes me!

As you know by now I am excited to explore ideas in a fun and more playful way so I present to you how we explore with my 3 year old this week’s art thème ‘au nom de l’amour’ (in the name of LOVE).

First art project was Upcycled Hearts from trash (inspired by the style of Louise Nevelson). I find it exciting how a junk object can turn into something ‘beautiful’! Hence we use items from our trash collection such as old objects, loose parts, egg cartons, empty plastic containers.

Here’s how you can go about to create Upcycled Hearts:

  1. 1) Make a collection of recycled materials and/or found objects.
  2. 2) Cut out heart shapes from a cardboard
  3. 3) Glue items from your collection to the cardboard hearts
  4. Paint your creation (I used Acrylic Spray for the red heart. It’s ideal for older kids.)
  5. 4) Let your creation dry!
  6. 5) Et voila you can now offer it to a person you love.

Second art project was Love Potions inspired by the children book ‘Mon ogre bien aime’ by Arnaud Almeras. Actually it was more a science based activity; but could be combined with some imaginary play and artful touches and take the whole activity to a more arty side! Combining bicarbonate soda and vinegar makes a reaction that excites not only kids but adults too! It’s a bit of a messy activity but totally worth a try!

Here’s how to make Love Potions at home:

First step is to find and prepare the materials. You will need:

  1. bicarbonate soda, 
  2. white vinegar,
  3. A jar (we used a conical flask), 
  4. glitter (optional), 
  5. food coloring (optional but highly recommended because will give some color to your potion)
  6.  rose petals (optional)


  1. Just mix all the materials in the jar except for vinegar (while we do this we have an imaginary play as well by naming the materials and also giving them magic powers etc.)
  2. Finally we pour the vinegar in the mixture and just step back and watch the magic reaction!
  3. We then enjoy some little more pretend play and then clean the mess (it’s good to involve the kids in the cleaning process too)

Spread the magic of love power

and enjoy your family,


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