Artboom comes to you! We offer private classes in your own place, covering Nicosia district. We bring to you all materials needed to facilitate an hour of joyful process art experience. Our classes are based on a theme that interests concerned kids. We focused on your child’s creative confidence through child-centered approaches. We dive into who they are, while nurturing their ideas. Children’s ideas come alive through exploration! We discover and explore all kinds of materials and techniques. During this class children are encouraged to express themselves by creating and verbalizing their thoughts. Also they make connections with the world around them and build relations with their peers. We love seeing children create meaningful projects and learn age appropriate skills. These classes are for kids ages 5 – 12 and are held in small groups of max 8 kids. 


  • Who is this class for?

Kids Ages 5 – 12 years old (we recommend keeping mobile classes to about a 2 year age span). For this class parents don’t need to stay. It’s just the teacher and the kids. 

  • What language is the course?

I speak 3 languages: Greek, English and French. 

  • How many kids per class?

Minimum 5 kids – Maximum 8 kids per class.

  • Date/Time:

Monday – Saturday, schedule from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm.

  • How long are our Classes?

Our classes are 1 hour long. Please be informed that I need to arrive 30 min early to set-up and stay 30 min after to clean and pack-up all supplies. 

  • What do kids learn?

Artboom Projects focus on a variety of materials such as paint, clay, collage, beading and more depending on the developmental age of participants. All our classes are taught by me (art educator).

  • Can you teach a class in my area?

Artboom travels all over the Nicosia district to deliver art classes.

  • What’s the cost?

The cost is 90 Euro per class, for up to 6 kids. All of our classes are pre-paid.

  • What to expect?

I arrive 30 min before class starts and during this time I set up everything needed. Prior to our class, I sent you a list of themes so you can choose one to be done that day or if you have a theme in mind we can customise the class. To make it happen, the location needs to have an open space (inside or outside – weather permitting) that includes enough space for each child to sit at a table and chairs for each child. 

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