Magic Rice – Bin Filler


Magic Rice makes a wonderful base for bin filler. Combine ”magic rice” with spoons, toys, scoops or jars and have fun!


Magic Rice Treasure Bag contains a handcrafted coloured rice that captures your children’s attention. Magic Rice is inspired by Sensory Play Supplies and it is a wonderful base for many different ways of play. Sensory Activities are a perfect method for young kids to investigate their world and learn through fun.

Magic Rice encourage:

  • Sensory capability
  • Development of hand-eye coordination skills
  • Open-ended learning

Research has shown that sensory play:

  • Develops fine motor skills just by scooping, filling, pouring and transferring rice.
  • Nurtures creativity through pretend and imaginative play.
  • Promote a relaxing way to play.

What’s inside the Magic Rice?

  • Rice (colored with food grade colouring)

Please Note:

Magic Rice does require that you have a sensory bin, large bowl or tray of your own to play in. Feel free to add in your own scoops, jars, spoons or other fav toys.

Safety Note:

This kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard for kids under 3 years old. Adult supervision is recommended.





200 gr, 300 gr

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