EGGxtremely Good – Play Dough Kit


Eggxtremely Good kit contains a carefully handcrafted, natural, soft and fresh playdough that captures your children’s attention and gives them the possibility for endless ways of play. Spring Playdough Kits include little treasures for kids to create and play with such as plastic eggs,

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EGGxtremely Good – Kit contains a carefully handcrafted (by artboom), natural, soft and fresh play dough that captures your children’s attention and gives them the possibility for endless ways of play. Play Dough Kits are inspired by play-based learning resources.

Using playdough young children can investigate the potentials of the medium like:

  • Mix up colors (ex: red + yellow playdough = orange dough)
  • Shape forms
  • Use it as a glue (to stick different surfaces together)
  • Use it as a paint (finger paint with dough just by smooching on a surface)

With the Natural Play Dough Kit you can:

Create in endless ways! Let the kids try and play with their own ideas and create with the Natural Play Dough and the little EGGxtremely Good treasures they will find in the box.

Research has shown that working with playdough can:

  • Develops fine motor skills by pinching, squeezing, rolling, flattening and squashing.
  • Nurtures creativity through pretend and imaginative play.
  • Manipulating playdough is therapeutic. It can reduce stress and anxiety levels just by squeezing!

What’s inside the EGGxtremely Good – Play Dough Kit?

  • A big jar of two-colour, non toxic, natural handcrafted (by artboom) play dough, 230g
  • Little EGGxtremely Good treasures like plastic eggs, flowers, ladybug, chicks, carrots.

Play Dough Ingredients:

wheat flour, water, salt, vegetable oil, cream of tartar

Play Dough care instructions:

  • Play with dough on a clean surface.
  • If a salt crust appears on the play dough, this is totally ok. You just knead the dough and it will be like new again! If needed, you can add a few drops of vegetable oil to the dough.
  • Always store in an airtight container when not using your play dough.
  • Dough may last 3-6 months when stored in an airtight container and kept in a cool dry place.

Please note:

Play Dough is handcrafted by artboom in an environment that contains nuts. Natural Play Dough lasts 3-6 months and it’s best kept in an airtight container. Keep it in a cool and dry place.

Safety Note:

This kit contains small pieces and may be a choking hazard for kids under 3 years old. Adult supervision is recommended.




Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink

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