Puffy Paint Art Play For Little Ones

Puffy Paint Art Play

Puffy paint in art play is a versatile material for little hands to explore in many ways and use their senses to sparkle their imagination!

Creating with Puffy Paint

I am inspired by process based art practices where the process of making art is much more valuable than the final product! The wider the type of possibilities we offer to children the more diverse will be their experience! I truly believe in freedom to make choices from a young age and that’s one of the main reasons I choose open-ended activities with no limitations or specific outcome!

Making Puffy Paint

Steps to prepare puffy paint and set up an invitation to play:

1. Make your puffy paint simply by mixing equal part of shaving cream and equal part of white glue. If you would like to colour your paint just add a few drops of food colouring in your mixture! Place your puffy paint in containers with a tool in each bowl like a spoon or paint brush in order to help your little one to spread the paint.

2. Collect and place some embellishing materials or tools next to your foam containers! Anything could do the job (let your imagination free) such as wooden blocks, beads, cardboard, plastic toys and the list goes on! You can find our selection of loose parts at our etsy store where you can get some basic materials we use all the time in multiple ways!

Creating with Puffy Paint

PRO tip1: Avoid exposing all the materials from the beginning and let some ‘surprises’ on their creative trip pop up by adding more materials or tools as the kids play!

PRO tip2: If you want to try something similar at home consider putting a plastic tablecloth to the floor and table and also some water-wipes next to kiddos because they may want to clean their hands while they play!

PRO tip3: If you have a little one that puts paint in his/her mouth and you like to make some edible puffy paint you can use whipped cream instead of shaving cream and glue!

We wish you a magical winter season!

Puffy Paint Art Play
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